5 Fun Way Of Celebrating Diwali With Colleagues

Diwali is a festival that brings an instant smile on our faces, right? Yes, it is a festival of joy, cheerfulness, and happiness. I have no reason to justify my happiness when the season of Diwali is around. I can bet you anything that every Indian, true to its nationality, would be thrilled at the thought of celebrating the festival. In the brighter light, it is not just the crackers that make the poem happy and enthusiastic about this festival, but it is the cumulative magic of lights, family and loved ones get together at home, worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, delicious treats being cooked at home and the mind-boggling Diwali sweets online. However, if you are stuck away from your family on this Diwali, then do not worry. We have got ideas to make your rakhi still a bang. Of course, celebrating Diwali without family does not feel complete in any sense, but we do have a family away from the family, right? Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about our colleagues. If you have observed close enough, you would be knowing that we spend more of our time with our colleagues and employees than we do with our friends and family. Yes, let's that sink in. And we know for a fact that celebrating Diwali in corporate sectors is totally a boom, so brace yourself to celebrate your Diwali with colleagues, and I bet these ideas will make your Diwali a lot more happening. So, here is a rundown of making everyone in your workplace happier and making Diwali 2020 a lot more memorable. Let's get started.

Potluck Lunch:

So, potluck lunch is always fun. Yes, they are because you get to get delicious homemade food that too in a huge variety. All you gotta do is ask your colleagues to do something different. You can even ask them to tell what they will be preparing for the potlunch in advance so that no two dishes would repeat. Ask some of your colleagues to prepare the desserts, while others will come up with snacks, and others would have the department of lunch. This is an excellent idea if you want to celebrate Diwali at the office with your colleagues at a limited budget. A huge amount of money would be saved by bringing homemade food, and also it would be very healthy and hygienic. What else would you need for the celebration?

 Volunteer for activities:

Well, if you want to make Diwali at the office happening, then you should definitely take the initiative to volunteer for the activities. Activities like decorating the office premises, making rangoli, or arranging sweets and gifts for the employees. Order Online Diwali gifts in Bhopal for your employees and make their Diwali a lot more special. The best thing about exchanging gifts with your employees is that they will tend to get close to you and will make your bond stronger than before.

 Collage competition:

Well, have you ever given a thought for giving a collage to your colleagues? It is a wonderful activity as well as a wonderful gift to give to your colleagues. Ask your colleagues to prepare a collage for one another. Play random chit picking games, and whosoever name they get, they have to prepare a collage of them. So, start collecting pictures for your colleague and make their Diwali a lot more happening and memorable.

Food fun competition:

Have you ever played golgappa eating competition in your life? If yes, you might be knowing how fun it is. If no, then you are missing out on something really fun. Yes, arrange for golgappas in a plethora and ask your colleagues to volunteer for the same. The one who eats the maximum of golgappas within a limited time period set for it would win the competition. Also, the best thing is that you will not only satisfy your taste buds but will burst into laughter that will cheer up the entire office ambiance.

Dance competition:

Ask your colleagues who are willing to give a performance in the office. The presence would be of dancing. Believe me, having s competition arrangement for it would be an awesome idea if you want some real entertainment in the office. Decide a prize for the winning person and enjoy the show.

So, what are you waiting for now? Celebrate this Diwali with your colleagues with the utmost excitement and enthusiasm. Keep your colleagues close to you and make the workplace a lot better place to work in. You can send Diwali cake online to the office to mark the start of the festival and also the cake is the centerpiece of any celebration, so it will bring the essence of the festival.

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