4 Quickest Ways To Embed Instagram Photos & Videos On Your Website

Have you ever wondered why websites linked with social media platforms work so well? Why do these websites get more exposure as compared to websites that don’t include social media in their marketing plans? 

With social media platforms, there is an abundance of opportunities associated. In this blog, we will mainly talk about one of the most popular social media sites - Instagram, and what are the various ways through which you can embed Instagram photos & videos on your website?

But first things first! Who doesn’t love Instagram? Especially when you have so much to explore like the Instagram post and story filters, stories feature, music feature in stories, location tagging, and more. 

All these superb features offered by Instagram bring life to the boring feeds. Without having any kind of web version, this platform is ruling the hearts and minds of people as well as the marketing world. With over a billion active monthly users and around half of million daily users, Instagram is acing the analytics chart amongst all the other social media sites. This brings light to the fact that if availed properly, then Instagram can take your brand to the heights.

4 Simple Ways To Embed Instagram Photos & Videos On Your Website 

1. Add Instagram Photo & Videos through Screenshot

This quickest way to embed Instagram photos & videos directly from Instagram to your website is especially for newbies. It can be performed on a device with tools for screen capture or recording. You first have to go to the Instagram photos & videos that you would want to embed, now open the screen capture tool. 

You can take a screenshot if it’s a post, and if it’s a video, then just record the screen. The second step in this process is that you can take all the gathered content to your website. With the admin panel's help, you can post the visuals or images wherever you want on your q web page. And for any reason, the posts get deleted from Instagram; then, you still can keep them.

2. Embed Instagram Photos & Videos Using Aggregator Tools

This process might sound a bit mosaic, but it is not even 1% of that. These Instagram aggregators embed the Instagram UGC (images, texts, or videos) to make the website look more vibrant and appealing. 

These tools gather user-generated content from Instagram into a single beautiful feed that can be embedded on the sidebar of your website. Loaded with so many advanced features, Instagram aggregator tools like Taggbox Widget help you create the most effective yet creative content in real-time. 

You also get the opportunity to customize this content according to your requirements. For instance, you can apply unique themes, layouts, banners, backgrounds, and pop-ups to personalize the feed to get the audience's attention. 

Along with that, Profanity Filter makes it possible to filter out the unnecessary comments to clean the feeds. Other features offered by the Taggbox widget are content to play, shoppable posts, active customer-support, hashtag highlighter, etc. 

Every social media aggregator comes with quite a few different features and benefits. Like, you can actually boost ROI, audience engagement, sales, reduce bounce rate, and more. On top of that, you can also add shoppable posts on your website to improve customers' shopping experience. So you just have to choose the best one as per your brand’s needs. 

3. Embed Widgets & Plugin

Do you know about the two most important elements for a website? They are widgets and plugins, which are required in order to embed Instagram photos & videos on your website. But for that, you simply need to install a plugin or widget. It should be based on your website building platform like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc. 

To fetch the Instagram content and embed it on your website, you have to first link your Instagram to these widget/plugins. There are innumerable mindblowing features offered by widgets and plugin such as;

  • Compatibility for different screen sizes

  • Feed layout & design options

  • Clickable CTA

  • Responsive design

  • Options of creating multiple feeds for your website and more.  

But these widgets and plugin features are mostly provided by third parties that come with a price.

4. Embed From Instagram

Last but not least, you can also embed Instagram photos on your website by using Instagram only. But for that, you need to have a device like a laptop or desktop. 

Start with logging in to your Instagram account, then go to the post you want to embed. Now open the menu section for the posts (photo or video) where you will see an embed option. By clicking embed, an HTML code will be generated for the selected post, which can be copy and paste in your website page's coding section. But there’s one problem with this method. 

You have to keep the API guidelines in mind because it’s violation might result in dismissing the API access.


Bring the visitors with these resourceful ways of embedding Instagram photos & videos on your website. It is one of the best things you could do for your business to gain higher ROI without actually investing too much.

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