Are your kids addicted to their phones?

It is truly legitimate to understand the fear-factor of the Z-generation who are just glued to technology and many of the parents just accused them of being screwed to their cell phones. It is also the fact that even parents are most of the time busy with their smartphones and constantly rushing through the Facebook app or thundering Google for updates right at the time of dinner. Many of the parents still wonder about the real story of how they can prevent their children who are irrevocably hooked up to their phones.

Yes, there are reasons and many of the new generations are often criticized when they are just working on their projects but yes, the time spent on technology is something to get worried about.  Many of the surveys estimate that – more than 10 hours of online is jutted normal for the kids of the Z-generation apart from the fact that more than 96% of college students are using or are addicted to smartphones.

Every passing minute the number and we never know when the figure will cross the limits. This is also due to the more use of technology in all chapters of the world and also the life experiences, which are often shared on social media, are just giving the optimistic collaboration of believing whatever is posted on the online forums.

Many of the parents have different opinions on the overview while some of the parents do appreciate the efforts of their kids as they are well aware of the security breaches one can make during their online module (which can be dangerous).  The socializing of the teenage kids to get in touch with their friends is sometimes more worthy tan just ignoring them from your childhood dreams. Children while seeing the opportunity, many of the messaging apps are available at Google Play Store and also on Apple Store where she can adjust with their friends.

Just as kids learn to walk and then ride a bicycle; parents must give their kids the old-styled flip phones and wait for the right moment before handing them the smartphone. Develop balance parenthood and follow the delicate balance before it’s too late.

Making the Plan

When it's time to give Z-generation the best digital toy, parents need to install the digital app from iCloud or Google PlayStore. the handling of the digital toy is very important as the new bird needs wings to fly and parents will only be concerned about the security of their child. One Spy app is the best in the business of monitoring and tracking the device of your loved ones.

With TheOneSpy, We are always one step ahead of our children while they are away. The facility to monitor their WhatsApp messages and calls is a plus point. One Spy also provides full multiple monitoring for parents and also tracking the location and gaining access to all the data is very much on the cards.

The Time-Out

Both of the highly focused operating systems, Apple and Google Play are providing new applications for parents to monitor their loved ones. Many of the parents are also worried about the high rise of bullying and other bad things, which can hinder the performance and behavior of their child. Thus to keep an eye on the movement of your child and also to constantly check the messages and call records, parental monitoring software is the best option. Once the application is installed and you are ready to move along; many features take all the worries from you and assign you the right to be with your child 24/7 even though you are virtually at your home.

·         Call Logs                   
·         Messages                  
·         Contacts                    
·         Photos                                                         
·         Location                   
·         Browser History     
·         Call Records             
·         Emails                     
·         Monitoring              
·         Blocking contacts and SMS            
·         & much more……  
The Role Model

The job of every parent is to look into his or her future generation and also sneak through technology to look around the pop culture which is surrounded by the untapped Z-Generation.  TheOneSpy is the only software that allows you to keep a digital eye on your child and monitor all his movements. Many of the children are addicted to their cell phones but considering their habits, parents can change by becoming their role models and trying to avoid usage of their smartphones.

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