All You Need to know About the Skill India Initiative

With the aim of training crores of Indians in various industry-related skills by 2022, the Government of India launched the Skill India initiative in July 2015. Being one of the youngest countries in the world, with 65% of the population in the working age group, India has much to gain from the Skill India initiative, which seeks to equip the nation’s workforce through various training and skill-development programs. Further, you can easily enrol in Skill India training programs by undertaking Skill India registration, which involves an easy-to-follow online procedure.

Read on to know more about Skill India, its benefits, objectives and the registration process.

Objectives of Skill India
Skill India’s primary objective is to provide India’s young workforce requisite formal training, a platform for getting access to opportunities, and space for the development of talent by 2020. It aims to upgrade sectors that have already been covered under various skill development programs, while simultaneously looking for new sectors that require skill development. Skill India aims to upskill around 50 crore young Indians across all strata of society. To this end, the initiative offers programmes across 40 sectors in India in line with the National Skill Qualification Framework.

Components of Skill India
To meet the vision of Skill India, the following programmes were launched.

       National Skill Development Mission
       Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
       National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
       Skill Loan Scheme
       Rural India Skill

Of these, PMKVY is Skill India’s flagship initiative and comprises the following 6 components.

       Short-term training: Indian nationals that are school or college dropouts or unemployed are trained as per the National Skill Qualification Framework
       Recognition of prior learning: The RPL component assessed and certified persons with previous learning experience or skills and addresses knowledge gaps through bridge courses
       Special Projects: Facilitates training in special areas and for special job roles
       Kaushal and Rozgar Mela: Training partners (TPs) have to contact Kaushal and Rozgar Melas every 6 months under media coverage to foster accountability and transparency
       Placement Guidelines: Training centres ensure that trained candidates have the right aspirations, knowledge and aptitude, as per the market’s requirements
       Monitoring Guidelines: Periodic inspections are conducted to ensure that top quality training is provided at all training centers.

Features of Skill India
With the objective of tapping into the talent of the workforce, the Skill India initiative has the following features.

       The Skill India training program aims to upskill the youth of India so that they can easily meet employment standards and also harness their entrepreneurial potential.
       While staying abreast with modern technological sectors, the scheme also provides training and guidance for traditional occupations like carpentry, masonry, nursing, tailoring, weaving, welding and blacksmiths.
       Skill India focuses more on modern sectors such as construction, textiles and real estate
       To standardize and certify training programs and processes, the Skill India scheme will commission a ‘Rural Skill India’ hallmark.
       The Skill India training programs will meet international standards so that while being domestically employable, trained candidates can also seek work in countries like Germany, US, Russia, China, Japan and other countries in West Asia.
       Skill India training programs will include innovative training methodologies like brainstorming sessions, group discussions, practical experimentations, games and case studies, ensuring a holistic development of a candidate.
       It facilitates additional programs, for instance, in language, personality development, management, employability, and behavioural skills, as per need and age.
       The program aims to develop a top-quality network of highly-qualified trainers and instructors in the learning ecosystem by establishing excellent teacher-training institutions.
       It also aims to build a national database called the Labour Market Information System that will act as a one-stop portal for employers and the skilled workforce.

List of Skill India training programs
Skill India provides training programs across various fields and subfields such as agriculture, beauty and wellness, automotive technology, banking, finance, construction, electronics, capital goods, retailing, and media and entertainment.

It also provides management development programmes like Advanced Skill for Effective Office & Change Management, Business Advisors’ Training Programmes and Marketing for managers.

To ensure competence of trainers, it has Training of Trainers (TOT) programmes like Technology Infusion cum Skill Development Programme.

Skill India registration process
Below are the steps involved in registering for Skill India’s flagship programme PMKY.

       Locate the closest training centre and register to study there by visiting the official PMKVY website
       After successful registration, fill the necessary accurate information in the portal
       On successful submission, a training partner receives your information and arranges training sessions accordingly
       On successful completion of the training program, you will be awarded as per the PMKVY guidelines

If you cannot fill out a form online, simply
       Visit the training centre search page
       Search by sector/ job/ location
       Contact the Training Centre using the email ID, number, or address provided

Apart from obtaining training, as a skilled employable candidate, you can also apply for jobs via the Skill India program. Moreover, using the skills you learn, you can become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Now that you know more about this Government-run nation-wide initiative, take advantage of it to enhance your career’s prospects.

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