Reasons Behind High Jiangsu University Ranking

Jiangsu University is considered as a highly prestigious university in the world. It has earned a lot of respect not only in China but in the whole world because of the quality and achievements that are registered in the name of the university because of its talented students and professors. They are extremely dedicated and as a result of it, Jiangsu university ranking has only shown improvement since its establishment. It is a pride to study from Jiangsu University and if you are getting the opportunity to do so, just go grab it. There are many reasons behind it and it is a wonderful place to study and make your career.

Huge Academic Collaboration

Jiangxi University understands the importance of being collaborative academically. It is mandatory for the mutual growth and development of the university and the people associated with it. This helps in the overall growth of everyone. The University has a very big network of academic, domestic and scientific collaboration with many universities. There are hundreds of universities that are associated with Jiangsu University.

The Grand Establishment

The university was wonderfully established with the combination of the University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Teachers’ College and Zhejiang Medical College. The university was established with the permission of one of the most powerful bodies of China, that is, the Chinese ministry of education in the year 2001. The main Institution of the university was Jiangsu University that dealt with Science and Technology. It was one of those 88 universities which were given the status of key universities and that were designated by the state council in the year 1978. The history of the university is in the establishment of Sanjiang and normal School that was established in 1902.

The Schools

The schools of Jiangsu University are the school of medicine, School of food and biological engineering, School of mechanical engineering, School of mechanical engineering, School of finance and economics, School of environment, School of Science, School of foreign languages, School of energy and Power Engineering, School of chemistry and chemical engineering, School of Law, School of teachers education, School of Pharmacy, School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, school of art, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Computer Science and telecommunication engineering, School of electrical and information engineering, School of Material science and engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Medical Technology, etc.

The Course Duration

You need to know the details regarding MBBS in China course duration before you apply to the university. The duration happens to be 5 years along with a 1-year internship program. You have the freedom to pursue your internship program from your home country also. It is one of the biggest advantages because you can and get yourself settled in your home country if you are planning to get employment in your home country itself. You will have the foundation of knowledge from aChinese medical university and you will be able to attach it with the terminology and practices in your home country.

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