Taking a look at these 5 reasons, you cannot stop yourself from traveling to Cuba

Cuba is an island-country brimming with vibrant art, music, and buildings cloaked in vintage charm.  While the country is already a famous tourist destination for its beautiful spots like Trinidad, Valle de Viñales, and Havana, it is still not overrun by tourists. You can experience the most relaxed vacations in a country like Cuba which is awaiting you to explore it.
Most travelers are able to visit Cuba at pretty fair deals with the help of Spirit Airlines which offers a great connectivity to different parts of Caribbean America from different cities and countries. While you plan your vacations to this beautiful destination, take a look at the top 5 reasons to not to even think about dropping the idea of visiting Cuba.

Top 5 Reasons to visit Cuba

It is a live car museum

You can find the most classic American-style cars on the streets of Cuba. The vehicles would be as old as the year 1950s. So, unlike anywhere else in the world, vintage cars are still used by the people. You can, too, take these cars on rent and take a drive on the Cuban streets.

Beautiful white sand beaches

As you expect from Caribbean America, Cuba is home to plenty of beaches. There are about 300 beaches across the 600 kilometer island. These beaches are made up of white sand, turquoise blue waters, and palm trees spread all across. So, when in Cuba, one of the best things you can do is to dabble in the ocean and catch the most beautiful scenario of sunset.

Have the world’s best cigar

Cuban cigars are known to be the best in the market. The manufacturers have been producing cigars since 16th Century, i.e. the time of King Philip II of Spain. Even today, Cigars are manufactured in Cuba on a very large scale. Cuban people grow tobacco and prepare the world’s famous cigars out of the locally grown tobacco.

Spot colorful architecture

Cuba’s architecture always enchants its visitors.  It has taken its inspiration from French Neoclassical and Art Deco. You will see a stunning piece of architecture at every turn in Cuba. In their architecture, they have used brightest colors like brown, yellows, pinks, blues, both in the interiors and exteriors to decorate their building. You will find some of the most colorful buildings in the streets of Old Havana, or on the streets in Trinidad.

Salsa dancing

If you love dancing, you have got yourself a great reason to visit Cuba. The country’s culture encompasses a wide range of dance forms. However, the most popular dance form in Cuba is Salsa dancing. There are some other contemporary Cuban dance forms as well which include Cha ChaCha, Rumba, and Regueton. You will see people often performing all these sorts of dance forms in the clubs and dance halls of Cuba.

With all these reasons, you definitely can’t stop yourself from traveling to Cuba. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Spirit Airlines tickets, pack your bags, and fly to this charming country.

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