Hottest Creepy Women Makeup Looks this Halloween

Halloween without makeup is so incomplete! Whether you wish to be the devil, the witch, the vampire, the zombie, the wicked ice lady, or the sexy Halloween lady, you certainly need some fine makeup.

How about some vegan makeup this Halloween? Sounds great! Keep those evil spirits away with your pure, glistening, flawless makeup look. With the latest Lime Crime coupon with you, shop for some perfect shades and sparkle for the Halloween season.

Here are a few brilliant Halloween makeup ideas that would knock people out, literally!

1. The zombie makeup
You can go to extremes when it comes to this look, but let’s do with the basic here. This look is easy to achieve and is friendly to your skin too.

It is advisable to use vegan, cruelty-free makeup, as it contains skin-friendly ingredients. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a real zombie after the Halloween party, do you?

Makeup items required:
·         Black eyeshadow
·         Black nail polish
·         Darkest shade of lip color, preferably the deepest browns
·         White contact lens
·         Black eyebrow pencil
·         White powder

Do it:
Zombies have the palest of faces, so apply lots of white powder all over your face. Blend well to create the whitish look.

With black eyeshadow, draw bat wings on each eye and fill them up with the shadow. Before that, make sure your eyebrows are the darkest black thanks to the black eyebrow pencil.

Use your eyebrow pencil and draw a thick line starting from each corner of your mouth till the center of your cheek. Draw short lines perpendicular to this line to ‘cut’ the line at various points. This gives the “sewn mouth” appearance. Fill up your lips with the darkest shade – matte or gloss – your choice.

Paint your nails black. Complete your look with the blank zombie expression.

The lady zombie is here!

2. The vampire makeup
Again, you can go extremes here, depending on your artistic skills and time. Discussed here is the basic look, which is easy to create and in less time.

Makeup items required:
·         White powder
·         Red eyeshadow
·         Black eyebrow pencil
·         The reddest shade of lip color
·         Red lip gloss
·         Wig of white or grey hair, faux eyelashes, false vampire teeth (these are optional)

Do it:      
Apply white powder all over your face for the white or pale look. Now apply red eyeshadow lightly over your upper eyelids. Highlight lower eyelids with the same eyeshadow. You can also use a red liner to define your eyes. Let your lower lids be redder than the upper ones.

You can choose to keep your eyes a natural color or wear a colored lens, preferably white or maybe a shade of red for the blood-shot look.

Do your eyebrows the perfect black. Create two moles, one at the side of upper lip and the other at the bottom side corner of one eye.

Apply your favorite red lip color. Make it as dark as it can be, as if you have just drunk some blood!

Now comes the drama. Use generous amount of red gloss to create the blood-dripping look. Let it drip from your lower lip to your chin.

If you don’t want to use gloss, you can make home-made blood. Mix maple syrup and red food coloring agent. Add chocolate powder in this mixture. Blend well to create ‘blood.’ Apply it on your lower lip and let it drip on your chin. Sounds a yummy mixture, but resist licking it!

You can wear the wig, false teeth, and the eyelashes. That’s your choice. Even without these, you will look like the vampire, just do the blood-dripping thing right.

Paint your nails red. Complete your look with a mean expression.

The lady vampire has arrived!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your vegan, cruelty-free makeup now and prepare to scare everybody this Halloween.

Hot tip: When applying makeup, be generous and bold. No place for the mild here.

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