Why is Maths camp essential?

Summer camp is not centered on only holidays that are about visiting different places, chilling at home, and enjoying with friends. This extended vacation time is also for the personality development of the children. The whole time of the academic year, the emphasis is on finishing the syllabus and supporting the children to attain good progress in their level of learning. Summer camps allow the children to break their inferiority zone and expand their interest by joining interest related activities. Children get more opportunities to personalize with others and express more to their teachers and friends. Summer camps improve the overall growth of the children. Most schools organize such camps annually and conduct activities related to Math, IT, sports, cooking, drama, art, and many more.

Significance of summer camp
  • These camps support children to discover their interest and enjoy the work
  • There are opportunities to explore different fun things deeply
  • Explore new peer zone
  • A new sense of friendship
  • Camps help in physical activity
  • Reinforces independence and empowerment
  • Increase the confidence and leadership quality
  • Inforce creativity and free of judgement
  • A positive environment
  • Instill the feeling of co-operation and gratitude
  • Full of an atmosphere of fun and entertainment

How are math camps different?
As the name suggests, math camp revolves around a single subject. However, lots of creativity is added to make it enjoyable for students of all grades. Math camps organize the programs on math, targeting various levels and different age group of the students. It is a common observation that the students usually feel, Math is a complicated subject, and it is difficult to understand it. These unique camps organize enjoyable math activity and involve students in it to support them uniquely.

Different ideas use to improve maths in a fun way in math camp

Puzzle Hunt: It can be an individual or group activity where children need to solve a puzzle in the given time frame. Researcher says, adding the spirit of competition in an event make it fun and children start putting their full efforts to win. So, the students are given a hunt which will relate to some math trick, by using the understanding of the math they would solve it and win the game.

Math with Art: Student of grade 1 and 2, generally given some fun activity where they can involve art and unconsciously they are learning math too. Like, they are given some addition of one-digit numbers, if they get the answer is 5, colour it Red and if the answer is 7, colour it green. This is one of the exciting ways through which the learners enjoy learning.

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