Mobile Phone Security Tips to Keep your Device Safe

Mobile phone security has become a matter of concern today. There is so much information on our mobile phones that we cannot ignore its safety. Security of your smartphone is as essential as the security of any of your precious belongings.

Smartphones have turned into mini-computers. It is easier to secure computers rather than smartphones at times as you always carry your phone with you at all places. 

Smartphones like Oppo mobile, Vivo mobile and others already have a pre-installed security system in place. Here are a few tips that can help you with mobile phone security and make you feel safer.

Keep your phone locked
The first and basic step towards your mobile phone security is to keep your phone locked. You can lock your screen with a password, pattern, and fingerprint or face recognition depending on the features of your phone. There is always a time duration for which the phone can be idle before locking. You should choose the shortest time duration for safety as the screen will get locked even if you forget to lock it.

Set strong password
Setting strong passwords on your mobile phone is also helpful for the safety of your device. It is advisable to set different types of passwords for different apps on your mobile. 

Keep updating your operating software
You should always use the latest version of the operating software of your device, be it iOS, Android or Windows. These updates can protect your smartphone from newly discovered threats. Most of the smartphones have the feature to set your phone to check for software updates automatically. You should make sure that this feature is being enabled on your device.

Encrypt your data
Most of the phones have encryption settings that you can enable in the security menu. You can protect your mobile phone data by making it encrypted. Encrypted data is being stored in an unreadable form.

Do not root or jailbreak
Rooting or jailbreaking your phone is when you unlock your phone and remove the pre-installed safeguards to access anything you want. Rooting your phone is a risky activity. Rooting is generally done to access app stores other than the official ones. The apps on these illegitimate stores can easily hack your phone and steal your information.

Install anti-virus software
Smartphones are just like computers. They too need anti-virus software. The software can protect against viruses and hacking attempts. Thus, you should always install anti-virus software for add-on security.

Connect only to secure Wi-Fi
One of the best features of a mobile phone is that it allows you to use the internet anywhere and anytime. Wi-Fi connectivity has made the internet more accessible. But before connecting to a Wi-Fi, you should make sure that it is a secured network. You should always connect to a virtual private network or VPN while using public Wi-Fi. It is better not to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks as much as possible.

Disable apps from untrusted sources
Some apps are not found on the App Store or Google Play store. These are the generally the less secured ones. You should try never to install apps from untrusted sources.

Use Vault apps and lock code for apps 
Vault apps make your smartphone safer by storing all the files that you want to secure within a dedicated area of your device or on an SD card. Also, it wipes the data after unsuccessful login attempts.
Apart from using a lock code for your smartphone, you can also use a lock code for significant apps on your device. It will provide another layer of security by protecting apps with a second code.

Be cautious while banking online
It is important to be careful while using your mobile phone for online banking activities. You should always make sure that it is a secured website before entering your bank details and passwords. 

These tips can help you a lot in safeguarding your mobile phone. Security of your mobile phone is not a tough task if you follow the security features available on your device.

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