Decode the Myths of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Who told that men do not dream of their wedding day? The imaginations of a woman in relation to her wedding arrangements are always highlighted. But, the fact that men look forward to their due wedding day has been overlooked. To make this day special, manufacturers have become down to earth to preach the use of black tungsten wedding bands. If you asked a jeweler about its popularity, every one of the fraternities would say that the most popular and demandable wedding rings that are running in the store are tungsten carbide wedding band. The benefits of the rings are higher than retained in other wedding rings carved from precious metals, gold or platinum.

Myths about the Tungsten Wedding Rings

The benefits of tungsten rings are covered with some blind beliefs.

1.           The first misconception that runs in the buyer of any tungsten rings is that you would require an emergency medical treatment as a tungsten ring cannot be removed if worn. The doctor might have to remove the finger itself. This is one superstition preventing couples from buying the rings.
2.           Tungsten rings bend. But, it is only a myth. If at all they break or bend, tungsten rings fall into pieces without harming your finger. Tungsten is a much safer choice.

Benefits of Tungsten Rings

1.           As the tungsten rings will never bend, you will never find it deformed. The men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands are prone to scratch-proof. The rings always stay brittle and polished.
2.           The density of the metal is high making it heavier.
3.           If you have sensitive skin, you will never find allergies because of tungsten.
4.           Even at your 100th anniversary, you will find your wedding ring new.

Tungsten Re-sizeable factor

One important fact that you should know about black tungsten wedding bands is that re-sizing tungsten is next to impossible because of it rigidity. So, choose the right ring for your finger. Gaining or losing weight is not in your hand. But finding a considerable ring can be done. Take the average size of your finger when you lose or gain weight and give that size to the designer. You can opt for a lifetime size guarantee from the jeweler.

Features to notice vividly about tungsten

You can bet over the durability of tungsten. And along with it, tungsten carbide is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. By this, you can assume that tungsten rings can go for long-time. The rings neither achieve the state of discoloration or dullness. In just some simple steps, you can maintain the life of the ring.

The masculinity of tungsten rings is because of the gunmetal gray. They are available in white, white gold and platinum. Even two-tone black or other colors can be bought. After a certain time which is not six months or a year, but after that, you have to recoat it for once, and it will run as same. It is not an expensive ordeal. You can coat it within stipulated and minimum costs.


In comparison to other metals, tungsten is heavier, and that is why it is considered to be a positive attribute keeping its weight in substance.

If your dream is to wear a men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands on your special day, then do not even think about the myths. The doctors and jewelers have opined that all such differences are rumors. Go and place your order for the wedding ring. You can also gift your potential partner in anniversary or birthdays. There is no sign of getting betrayed with tungsten rings. Rather, it is a lifetime investment.

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