Top tips to pick the right car wash services in Abu Dhabi

The hot and dusty weather of Abu Dhabi takes a toll on the cars. Especially the exterior surfaces, the heat deteriorates the paintwork on the car. Especially for a car enthusiast like me, it was a rude awakening to see the level of filth that got on my car, an Audi Q6. I have been leaving here for a brief period and was seriously taken aback by the amount of dirt that settles on the car, after just a day of leaving it in the parking area.

Another dampener was the lack of a convenient car wash tunnel like I had experienced back in the US. There, there were plenty of car wash tunnels, each rolling out a clean and shiny car in a matter of few minutes. The car wash wasn’t a scheduled thing, it took very little time off my day and allowed me to maintain the car, keeping the paintwork free of contamination, scratches, and dirt.

But there is no such convenient option in the UAE, especially no such quick car wash services in Dubai. Here, I learned that a car wash is considered to be part of the routine maintenance service, something that's done while you let the car be checked for oil levels and other basic inspections.

And as such, these service centers were established on the outskirts of the city, where the cost of land was much less. And I had to schedule the car wash along with my routine checks. Which took out a large part of the day. 

Since car wash services take scheduled time and had to be done on a routine, I thought of putting in a little more effort to choose the right car wash services that will help me to have a hassle-free car care routine.

Few of the tips that I learned in choosing my car care partner for a good car wash are;

  1. License - It goes without saying, a reputed car wash and car maintenance services center needs to have acquired a license to legitimately pursue business and to increase their credibility.

  2. Other services provided - Well, in the UAE, you don't just take your car for a car wash alone. You give the car for a complete inspection and repair service as well. So it is advisable to go to a center that offers more than a car wash. If they offer mechanical, electrical system services, along with the battery, coolant check, and others.  Then it is worth the while to have the car sent there, so you could be free of repeated visits to the garage center. Car detailing, car polishing services could be a great add on services.

  3. Product and equipment quality- Choosing a low ph level chemicals to wash the car will go a long way in maintaining the paint quality. Along with that if there are automatic car washing services, which minimizes the use of abrasive brushes and hard scrubbing, it adds more life to the overall exterior look of the car. Make sure to opt for services that offer such high-quality products and use state-of-the-art equipment.

  4. Quality of manpower at the center - If a service provider uses good equipment and quality products, but falls short with its manpower, then its a not a good sign. A good center will definitely invest in hiring experienced and skilled personnel to deliver their services effectively.

  5. Pricing and Value - All said if a service center provides all the above and they charge a hefty price for that. Then there is no value for you as a car owner. Make sure you get quotes for your car from many service centers, to choose the right one for your needs.

  6. Customer Reviews - Last, but not the least, its the word of mouth that helps you choose the right car wash services. If not that, at least go through customer reviews to understand how the service centre management handles customers and their cars. Check for bad reviews as well as good ones, to make a well-rounded opinion. 

After I did all this, I zeroed in on one service centre, that was offering car wash services in Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai. I travel a lot on business between these cities and needed to have a singular car care partner. They are called ZDegree. They check off all the above pointers.

They offer complete car care services which include mechanical, electrical, oil, lubrication, brakes and so on. They even offer great tire repair and replacement services, at the doorstep with a mobile tire garage. There are always some special offers to avail, making it easy to choose them.

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