Sleeplessness Is Your Worst Enemy: Ways to Defeat It

After a hectic and tiring day at the office, you have your meal and then you do some little chores before hitting the sack. Now, all you need is a sound sleep to finish your exhaustive day. You even got hit the bed on time. But wait, all of a sudden you wake up in the middle of the night and you have no clue why or how your sleep was disrupted. For our body to function properly, we need at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day. So, when you are not able to get enough sleep, your body will start to get weak slowly and affect your overall health.

The worst-case scenario could be when you are not able to get back to sleep again. And the time you finally sink to a beautiful sleep again, your alarm clock starts ringing reminding that you need to get back to your boring life again. Well, this sleeplessness problem if persists continuously for a long time, can affect your professional and personal life path. 

Why you are awake in the middle of the night?

So, what exactly causes this problem? Well, instead of one, there are multiple reasons that can lead to this problem. And, in this blog, we will be discussing the most common ones. Remember, the first step required to solve any problem is to find the cause of it. Now, let us get started.

Your room is not ideal for a sound sleep

You need the right ambience to get sound sleep. So, if your bed is not comfortable or your room is too hot, then the chances of waking up increases exponentially. Thus, make sure that your room is dark, cool and completely quiet when you fell asleep. It is true that doing all this is not completely under your control, but you should try your best from your end. Always keep your bed clean and if possible use an ear mask or earplug that would protect you from any external agent. Here are the few healthy activities that you must before going to bed:

·         Stop using the phone at least 2 hours before your sleeping time
·         Avoid drinking too much water
·         Meditation can be fruitful
·         Don’t eat too heavy
·         A 5/10-minute walk to increase your digestion process

You are under too much stress

Stress is the biggest reason that can damage your sleep, causing you to wake up in the night. One cannot sleep freely when dealing with too much stress. So, if there is something that is bothering you constantly, then work on it to solve the problem. Life is all about bringing the balance emotionally and physically and any disruption in any of these two can affect life. Sometimes, financescan become a strong reason for stress in life. Thus, if you finance is the reason of your stress, then you could take help from any of your friend or seniors.

Early signs of insomnia 
If you are finding it hard to sleep during the night, then these could be the signs of insomnia. It is the condition where the person faces difficulties to sleep, which in turn affects the lifestyle of the person drastically. Generally, every other people experience insomnia at one stage of their life, but there are some for whom this is a chronic problem. Negative emotions mainly stress, depression or any particular medication could trigger insomnia. The person suffering from insomnia finds it hard coping up with his/her daily routine and might feel exhausted and their concentration level is severely affected. Here is what you should do if you are facing insomnia:

·         Create a sleeping schedule for yourself
·         Stop taking short naps during the daytime
·         Exercise regularly
·         Consult a doctor, if needed

You might be facing sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is another common reason why people face sleeplessness issue. It leads to shallow breathing in person while he/she is asleep during the night.  Due to this, the person might wake multiple times at night, which is enough to disturb their sleep.  Here are the symptoms of sleep apnea:
·         Excessive snoring
·         Mild to severe headache in the morning
·         Feeling exhausted during the daytime
·         Unable to concentrate
If you are suffering sleep apnea, then the best thing to do would be consulting a doctor. You might be asked to stay in a health center for an overnight observation where your sleeping pattern will be observed.

The bottom line
So, these were some of the most common reasons that might be causing the sleeplessness issue. Now, if you are unable to sleep, try to get out of the bed to give yourself some fresh air. Having something sweet after the dinner or even a glass of warm milk can help you take a sound sleep. However, if you are still facing problem in sleeping even after making every effort from your side, then it would be best to meet a doctor.

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