Important SEO Ranking Factors that Matter in 2019


What is SEO ??

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of optimizing an online content so that the search engine will show the relevant results for search of a certain keyword. Search Engine Optimization is a technique and a method of strategies used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine, but
how does that work?

         Let's break down it -

In Search Engine Optimization, ranking refers to your content position on the search engine result pages (SERP). This means that when people Search for a particular term, article, news or information to any matter and your web page is the first result and ranks number one in search engine result page (apart from the promoted ones, featured or advertised).

How to Do Search Ranking Work?

When people want to find information related to what they are looking for or for the word they type, (referred to as a keyword) the search the engine will search for the relevant content in the optimize search section. These search engines are not about keywords but also for the quality of the information. These search engines check and verify factors like -

       Website Information and information about the content creator.
       Content quality
       Website reputation and content creator reputation.
       Authenticity and the trustworthiness of the site, page content and individual content creator too.
 Based on the ratings Google searchers the most relevant, genuine and quality results to what they are looking for. The most relevant ones shown first, with the rest shown on the other pages.

Now, let's look in detail the Important SEO factors that matter in 2019 -

1. A secure and accessible website – The first and the most SEO ranking factor is to have a genuine and a right kind of URL, a URL that the Google bots can reach and search. A website that is well created with a website builder.

2. Mobile / Speed – This factor is one of the main SEO factors for years. Many improvements and related issues have resolved by Google for the proper use and fast – loading of web pages. In July 2018 Google ensured about the mobile page speed by announcing Search Engine Algorithm Update.

3. Domain, Age and URL authority - When it comes to search engine ranking factors, authority matters the most. If it is already a well-established website, one need not go looking for an exact match for the domain instead go for the URL and use. One can also check and verify the domain and page authority with help open site explorer.

4. Optimized Content: As we have mentioned earlier that google search engines / google search algorithm relies on keywords. These words and phrases will help search the information and also describe your site is all about, that will match up. Search intent is also important when optimizing content. That means understanding what people are looking for when they type in search keywords. You can contact SEO Expert in India for optimizing the content to improve ranking on Google.

5. Mobile Friendliness: More people use mobiles devices than desktops to access the web, and that is another reason that Mobile-friendliness plays an important factor in SEO.

6. Social Signals: This factor means that when people start sharing the content on other social platforms, that is when the content or page gets its popularity and value for use. It means that one does not only need social media presence, but also need to make it easy to share content and amplify those social signals.

7. Real Business Information: This factor is important for businesses targeting particular local areas. So, it becomes very necessary to verify and look after areas such as – business listings on Google business and social platforms, reviews about the sites, name, address and phone and the right search.

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