Top 5 Plugin for WordPress [2019]

Amazing free plugins for WordPress, now as time goes on new plugins come out and there is
a lot of new talent and development out there. If you want to learn more about the WordPress
plugin you can visit our website.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you guys, amazing plugins that I found and I use
on my website. I guarantee you by the end of this article you guys will probably use at least
two plugins, These Top 5 Plugins are free of cost and also Provided by the many of the Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka and Delhi give as tools for Practice, so let us go ahead and introduce you all to these Top 5 plugins.

1- One signal - Number one is one signal now, have you ever been to a website where that
little note comes up saying would you like push notifications well this plugin will actually allow
you to gather you know people’s information and you can actually send out push notifications
out through people’s browsers now the great part about this plugin is that it’s free and it
converts ten times better than email marketing so right here you guys can see my numbers
or I have around people so, whenever. 

*I actually sent out a post or I create a new project or if. I add a new product to me commerce websites and our people will be notified via browser and they can simplyclick on it.

*As be directed to your website so it’s a very convenient way to get people to
come to your website and setting and having like an email campaign you know so
push notifications are kind of where it’s going email marketing is

2- E- MAIL MARKETING still amazing but if you Are not using push notifications
on your website get on it as a free plugin. it’s amazing I have a full tutorial on it and
you should have it on every single website.

3- Ice Cream - ice cream watch to give you the ability to have popups on your website and it
actually, gives you the ability to have the a pop-up bars also on top your website so right here
you guys can see. I have this announcement bar right here this was all done with the plugin
now it also creates pop up subscriptions email notifications anything that you want this
plugin has its kind of like an all in one thing so it’s a very, useful plugin.

*it gathers email addresses and it has tons and tons of positive reviews so you
guys can see for yourself it’s called ice cream .so I highly recommend it is simply

*amazing and let s talk about security you know security is probably one of the most
important things on your websites.

*And if you guys are not using all in one migration then you are missing out
Because of this plugin. I will actually just take a copy of your website download at your
desktop and then you can upload it immediately, in fact it’s the easiest plugin that I
have found for you.

*know backups and everything else and you guys can just look at the reviews
right here so you got you know positive reviews over almost million active installs so
again, it sits s nothing short of amazing it’s a great free plugin. And I highly
recommend it because I use it and it is just amazing ok.

4- Really simple SSL - why is this so, important well Google just had a huge update in
January and. I’m sorry last year and if you don t have an SSL on your website guess what
happens people get that like do not go this is a virus website. And people can get the wrong
idea of your website so with this plugin does is that if you have an SSL and it’s not working.

*it will force the SSL to work so let us say you have an SSL and your hosting
company like we don t know what is wrong they going to recommend you to install this
plug in so it is called really simple SSL and again it will make sure, that people do not
get that like error you know they are trying to steal your stuff.

*This will actually take that off so people can actually go to your website off to
worry about all that crazy stuff so again it does require an SSL it’s not a free SSL but
you guys can always use best hosting they all give you a free SSL.

*I highly recommend to get a really simple SSL especially if you have like
problems with that little green lock like right here you guys can see this green lock
that is what it gives you so people are like oh it’s secure and it’s like it is you know it
sit s just you know you go to websites people like it you know so you just got to get it
you know so definitely check out really simple SSL next.

5- WP fastest cache - so this is a caching plug in if you guys are not caching your websites
shame on you because you should be because it makes your site much faster and this has
overactive installs.

*Now, I used to recommend that other one it was like I forgot it like WP something
but this plug in and I is actually I’ve used it from its competitors.

*I have just seen amazing results so w fastest cachesit’s a free caching plugin
again if, you guys are using Site Ground though they do give you a separate sigh
crown caching plugin.

*so, if you guys you know you don t you won’t need this plugin if using psych
round but for those of you who aren’t you might need to use this plugin it’s a free
plugin it is great.

*I love it and I recommend it to all of my friends and clients because it is amazing

6- WPS hide login so what does that do well when using WordPress guys. unfortunately, you
can just go to any website and just go to other using WordPress let us go ahead and type
this in NEP admin now.

*once I press enter you can see that this says this has been disabled so this will
basically, not allow people to have access to that little login page because that is kind
of freaky that anyone can go to your website and just kind of go to your you know.

*And if your dope admin and guess your credentials you know and if they guess
your credentials. Or if they know it or something like that you are going to be in trouble
you know your site isgoing to be hacked so this plug-in right here will actually make it
so, you can change it to anything that you would want.

*it’s a free plugin and it’s so easy to use so all you have to do. I might I take mine
to do a so mine is a video game so it’s it is gives you the log in the log in thing right
there so that s pretty helpful and under my settings right here under my general it s
really easy go down here and just changes your permalinks.

*So WPS hide login and then you just change it to whatever you want and then go
to Save Changes and voila you have anamazing secret WP admin login ok so be sure
to check outs WPS hide login.

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