5 Design Trends to Integrate Into Your Web Development and Marketing

If you intend to have a robust presence for your online business, then web design is a great place to begin. Web design is at the core of having a great website, it needs to be visually appealing as well as highly functional to increase your chances of converting visitors into purchasers. Yours isn't the only business functioning in a hyper-competitive online marketplace space, hence you monitor the activities of your competitors at all along with keeping pace with the recent trends relevant to you.

Here are the top 5 design trends that you need to integrate into your web development and marketing, provided you haven't already done so.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Due to the rapidly declining prices of smartphones and data plans around the world, there are billions of smartphone users around the world. And since that number is rapidly growing along with the affinity of people to use their smartphones more than their desktops/laptops/personal computers for using the internet, it's clear where your priorities should be. Since your website is more likely to be accessed on a smartphone than on a desktop, you need to ensure that your website is optimized for the same. Your website should be optimized well enough to offer the same quality on even compact mobile screens. It should be an effortless user experience for people who come to visit your website on their smartphones. Especially for eCommerce websites, it can prove disastrous for online businesses to not have a responsive mobile design. webdesign services india for the present and the future need to be in sync with the modern customer preferences and that's why it is integral for all online businesses to always be on top of the latest trends.

Chatbots- Usually placed at the right-bottom corner of a website, it has been quite some time since they entered the market and are expected to be present in around 80% of all online businesses by the next year. It has gone down well with the majority of the customers who seem to be appreciating them for adding convenience to their online experience. Since things happen at a very quick pace, customers don't mind interacting with these Chatbots for their queries. This is easily one of the most predictable design trends for the current year which has proven instrumental in increasing the revenues of many online businesses. Customer engagement has improved considerably and the element of 'personalization' has gone down well with most internet users. Ecommerce and food/cab service businesses are leading with the implementation of chatbots on their landing pages, which is slowly being emulated by other businesses as hell. It's a great way for websites to extend high-functional assistance to their visitors.

AMP - An abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is likely to dominate for the remainder for the year, just like it has done since the beginning of the year till now which can be gauged from over 1.5 billion AMP's that have already been published. Being true to its name Accelerated Mobile Pages is all about quickly loading pages with very responsive web design. It makes the site a lot more user-friendly which in turn results in visitors staying for longer time-spans on the website. It is aimed at driving more traffic to the website by making it very fast and responsive across all devices and platforms. It also goes a long way in ranking your websites in SERP and has been successfully used by many online businesses to get a higher ranking for their websites. A speedy, mobile-friendly design with a very smooth UI is at the heart of AMP, which is integral in our times of rapidly declining attention spans and especially amidst reports that nearly 40% of people leave a page that takes more than three seconds or more to just load.

Motion UI - This is a very engaging trend that facilitates animations and transitions of reality into quality user experiences. It is aimed at grabbing eyeballs and increasing attention spans for increasing the conversion ability of the website. Currently, this tool is the darling of the developers as it lets them be their best creative selves in storytelling through motion graphics and beautiful animations that are available in abundance in the Motion UI library. It is very easy to use as it works with any and every JavaScript framework. It is the need of the hour to get the attention of Internet users, whose collective attention spans seem to on a constant downward spiral. Captivation Motion UI is a great way of getting the attention of the visitors and holding it and compelling them psychologically in responding favorably to the many CTA's on the web pages. While the efficacy of Motion UI in achieving what it has been set out to achieve remains to be seen, this trend can be expected to stick around for a long time ahead.

SEO Landing Pages - These pages are optimized to the best of the SEO practices imaginable which make them more favorable to the algorithms which decide the usability of a page for search engines and ranks them accordingly. We have come a long way since just text-heavy pages ranked better, we live in times of rapid technological advancement today, where it is all about optimized landing pages coupled with superior design elements. Content may be very important for Google but they are also very inclined to favor websites providing a superior user experience. The design needs to work in sync with the content since it is clear only around 20% of people read the text. It's clear that the attitudes and preferences of the Internet users have changed and your strategies need to change along with them.


When it comes to designs, there are trends dime-a-dozen. Many come, few sticks and while we can't dictate what is working well with the users or not, we can ensure that we inculcate the hottest design trends in our setup to not lag behind our competitors in any way whatsoever. You can include such trends in your setup which aren't 'HOT', right now but which you think may turn out to be a real game-changer in the long-run. Regardless of all that, you should mostly stick with trends that suit your kind of business, what you stand for, and what you offer. The aforementioned 5 design trends have been reaping rich dividends for many online businesses and there's nothing to suggest that it won't work well for you too.

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