How to Deal With “Expected Surprise” Expenditure?

You probably heard about various types of costs such as fixed cost, variable cost or unexpected cost. Managing fixed costs is far easy compared to unexpected costs because you can easily manage these day-to-day expenses by creating a budget. 

There is one more type of expense which is a little more challenging then the rest and i.e. “EXPECTED SURPRISE”

It may seem weird that how an expense that is expected becomes surprising? But it exists and it is also known as periodic expenses. You may wonder to know more about it and how to manage this type of cost?

If you are searching for it, then luckily you are in the right place because we have shared everything related to periodic expenses and how to handle it. Read the blog until the end to gather information about it. 

What is the Expected surprise expense?

This is the expense which generally people forget to add in their budget. For instance, your trash is picking every week and the cost is the same from the last three years. But still, you forget to pay for it. It happens because these are the small expenses and you do not have to pay a large amount for it. 

So, it is common but sometimes there are many such small bills add which lead them to a large cost. It is important to deal with such type of cost. 

We hope you understand what actually these expenses are. Now let’s move to the solution that how you can easily manage these costs with proper planning.

1.       Beat this annually 

This one is an effective way to manage this cost. All you have to collect the previous month’s bills, including everything from paying trash bill to utility bills. It would be great if you start savings account for the expected surprise cost. 

It will help you to pay your bills instantly without worrying about your other expenses. Sometimes because of the large expenditures, people often forget to pay the short bills. But with these tricks, you can easily solve instant money problems. 

2.       Not all your periodic expenses are important 

There are many costs which you introduce yourself and they can disturb your financial plan. Let’s take an example of vacation and this is the desire you won’t resist yourself. But imagine how much money you can save if you delay your trip for at least one year. 

In this way, you can create an effective budget plan and can save a lot of bucks to pay for other periodic expenses. It depends on you to find out the cost which you actually don’t need. 

3.       Start an emergency fund 

This is not only applicable to solve unexpected problems but you can use this to meet your periodic expense too. It may happen that you are saving money for achieving some goals and you do not want to break it, then you can opt for very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK. Here you can get approval with the extreme less-than-stellar credit score. 

Though, precaution is far better than depending on someone else. It would be better if you start saving for such expenses. 

You can see it is not that difficult to manage it but still you have to follow a certain path. And the most important thing is awareness. Without awareness of what and where you are spending, then it can create a lot of problems for you. 

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