How ISO 10002 helps in Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of every business. As customer satisfaction increases, the customer trusts in the organization and the products developed by the organization. Sometimes the sales can increase due to this factor in business. Nowadays, customers are aware of and inspect the products while purchasing it.

 As they are purchasing the product then they have the right to complain against the quality of the product if the product has some defect. The ISO 9001 standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) helps to develop the quality of the products as well as customer satisfaction. The ISO certifications help in the growth of the organization Hence an organization must apply for the ISO certification in India to scale its organization.

What is meant by ISO 10002 Standard?

The ISO organization has developed the ISO 10002 standard which is an isolated standard that is related to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The major difference between the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10002 is that the ISO 9001 standard focus on improving the business processes and product quality of an organization and also customer satisfaction. But the ISO 10002 standard focuses clearly on customer satisfaction and helps the customers to satisfy the customers.

The main purpose of the ISO 10002 standard is to help to handle and manage the complaints of the customer in order to convert the customer complaints into customer satisfaction. Due to the complaints of the customers, you get an opportunity to improve the processes that are wrong in your organization. The customer complaint management system is a must for every organization that wants to grow and scale their business.

As the customers expect more services from the services provided by your organization, your competitors work hard to meet their demands and acquire them by giving them a good service.

How does ISO 10002 help the organization in complaint management?

The ISO 10002 provides guidelines for the organization for its complaint management system. It helps to identify the complaints, causes and helps to eliminate it in order to satisfy the customer in a correct way. ISO 10002 analyzes your organization processes and can help you to eliminate the wrong processes from the organization.

What are the strategies designed in ISO 10002 standard to make a customer-friendly environment?

The ISO organization had developed the ISO 10002 standard to satisfy the customer requirements hence the strategies involved in the standard will be in the customer perspective. The consumer-friendly environment is developed by communicating with consumers. In this system, the customer can complain, give feedback and suggestions to the organization.

The main purpose and priority are to receive the customer's complain to solve consumer problems and improve the quality of the products. The feedback and complain system allows us to find the defects and lack of services in the organization and can improve the professionalism of the organization. The consumer-friendly environment is made to allow the consumer to express their doubts and complain to the organization to give complete customer satisfaction.

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