I making the most of my first trek to Kheeganga with hubby and little girl to such an extent that idea of sharing my experience in addition to certain tips to move individuals to trek with children. Peruse on to know how we figured out how to trek Kheerganga in one day with our 8-year-old little girl and how you can do it as well.


I had been finding out about Kasol a great deal and the spot pulled in me for its fluctuated culture, food and bottomless normal magnificence. Kasol is well known among explorers and individuals who love to remain high (Charas or Marijuana). The spot offers a remarkable mix of Israeli culture, curious scenes, and pristine nature. In spite of the fact that Kasol is definitely not an extraordinary goal for a family occasion, in any case, you can't deny the satisfaction you get in accomplishing something strange. There's a marvel in the bizarre!

The most effective method to REACH KASOL FROM DELHI

Kasol is best gone by street since who needs to miss the stunning perspectives. One can self-drive or contract a taxi. Getting a private transport/Volvo from Majnu Ka Tila or Rama Krishna Ashram Metro Station in Delhi or HRTC Himsuta Volvo from ISBT Kashmiri Gate is likewise a decent alternative, in any case, you have to get down at Bhuntar on the off chance that you are dropping by transport and catch another to Kasol/Manikaran/Barshaini relying on where you have booked your remain. The Volvos withdraw in the late night for the most part.


I arranged the 4 days agenda covering Kasol, Katagala, Manikaran, Malana, Chalal, Tosh and Barshiani (Watch out for my next blog entry about these spots). Kheerganga trek was not feasible. I and hubby didn't have any trekking background and we were certain that it's by outlandish with our little girl who can't approach close by market without whining about her leg torment.

We headed to Kasol from Delhi by means of Chandigarh. It's around 530 km and took us 14 hours by means of NH44.

kheerganga trek beAs waterway

Rainbow over the Baes waterway.

Right around 14-hour venture from Delhi to Kasol was fantastic wherein we seen two massive streams (Beas and Parvati) cuddled between the Himalayas. Beas River went with all of us through the voyage from Mandi to Aut burrow and once we crossed the Aut burrow, Parvati River turned into our consistent partner. The feature of our street adventure was passing through the 3 km long Aut burrow, which is one of the longest street burrows in India.


Parvati Kuteer on the bank of Parvati River was our home for the following 4 days in Kasol. A wooden cabin secured by Cedar trees and beautiful nursery, offering the perspectives on the snow-secured Himalayas and neglecting the spouting Parvati waterway – Ah! Envision what happens when the sound of the stream turns into the morning timer! You won't ever rest! We observed Parvati Kuteer to be one of the flawless stay choices in Kasol.


It was not arranged. How might it be? I mean with a 8-year-old kid, no one would need to trek 13-15 km uneven and absolutely not to a spot like Kheerganga scandalous (or well known) for its very own reasons. In any case, it occurred! We trekked up to Kheerganga and trekked down to Barshaini around the same time with our little girl. Rest is history!


Every one of the spots in our schedule were canvassed in 3 days and fourth day was sans left purposefully in light of the fact that what better approach to appreciate the nature than simply sitting by the waterway encompassed by the mountains and tall Deodar trees. However, predetermination had its very own arrangements that didn't coordinate with our own.

My girl inquisitively addressed," for what reason wouldn't we be able to take on Kheerganga trek?" I disclosed the trouble level to her and how it's unseemly for her age. She declared that she needs to encounter it, perhaps 2-3 km trek and afterward return. I was worried and frightened. We enquired about the trek with the locals and they felt that it's really possible. It was, obviously, their variant dependent on their own stamina and experience.


Barshaini, the beginning stage of Kheerganga trek is around 17 km from Kasol.

We had our own vehicle and driver. One can either take a taxi or taxi from Kasol to Barshaini or decide on a spending limit cordial transport ride.

Along these lines, our arrangement was to trek up to Kalga town, unwind, have tea and tidbits and descended.

kheerganga trek barshaini sanctuary

We met in Tosh and moved toward becoming companions in Barshaini 🙂


Barshaini is a serious little town with no or few stay choices. You may have the option to locate a couple homestays in Barshaini. Tosh is only 3 km tough from Barshaini and can be picked as a base for the night as it offers a wide range of facilities extending from homestay, guesthouses to lodgings.


The good ways from Barshaini to Kheerganga is around 13-15 km relying on the course you take.


The best time to visit Kheerganga is throughout the mid year or harvest time season. Greatest months incorporate May, June, September, and October.


As I said it's a moderately simple trek and can be effectively finished with children. 2960m above ocean level, Kheerganga is the best trek for apprentices.


There are two courses to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini:

1. Through Nakthan/Rudranag (13 km) – Difficult to climb, simpler to descend and offers bewitching perspectives (perfect for photography devotees). It has less trees and vegetation; a greater amount of small villas in transit so somewhat thorough during brilliant radiant days.

2. Through Kalga (15 km) – Easier to climb, hard to dive. Thick vegetation and thick timberlands make it most appropriate for splendid bright days. This is a lesser-known course and individuals by and large dodge it for there are odds of losing route because of thick timberlands. Perfect for novices and low on stamina trekkers like us 🙂


Tosh treats you with the best perspectives on Parvati Valley. You make certain to get a stay with a view here. You watch out of your window and perspective on the snow-clad mountain pinnacles encompassed by green pine trees fill your faculties. In spite of the fact that the stay alternatives in Tosh are very few so better book ahead of time. Check here the rundown of properties in Tosh at accessibility and costs.


We clearly took the Kalga course. around 30 minutes trek lead us to Kalga and we were dazed by the magnificence of this curious little town transmitting the tranquility all of us pines for nowadays. We sat at the neighborhood bistro and tasted on hot tea while our girl appreciated Maggi with amazing perspectives. Individuals of Kalga were inviting and merry. They urged us to trek to Kheerganga with our little girl as per them it was not shrewd to leave such an excellent spot unexplored when you are so near it.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Kalga Village

Ok! The provincial appeal of the Himalayan villa.


On the off chance that you are searching for an a lot calmer spot than Kasol or Tosh to remain, you can discover numerous delightful stay alternatives in Kalga. Kalga is one of the most excellent towns sprinkled crosswise over Parvati Valley. It's really a numbskull! A drowsy villa where time stops. The Himalayas, apple plantations, lavish glades, and lively blossoms – do you need some other thing to be cheerful?

Heavenly Cow Café And Beds, Sacred Garden, Brahma Homestay, and, Red Apple Cottage Homestay are a portion of the spots to remain in Kalga. They are ideal for solo-explorers however can be useful for family voyagers who love mountains more than solace and extravagance.

Airbnb has a portion of the flawless spots to remain in Kalga. Snap here to get a markdown on your first Airbnb booking.

With such a large number of homestays coming up in Kalga, I question it will stay as spotless or strange as it is presently. I surmise then explorers will go to Pulga and Tulga for much-required harmony.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Rock markings

The markings during Kheerganga trek helped us to locate the correct way, all gratitude to the kindred explorers!

With no course of action for the voyage ahead and little kid with us, it was creepy. We just had a light rucksack with a container of water and an additional pair of garments for our little girl. Water, nourishment, and convenience weren't an issue however on the grounds that there were a lot of bistros while in transit to Kheerganga and various spots to remain at Kheerganga. The issue was the adventure. With such a significant number of inquiries unanswered, we surrendered to our little girl's will and proceeded with our voyage to Kheerganga from Kalga.

It appeared to be simple toward the beginning with open grounds and lavish green backwoods until we crossed a scaffold made of wood logs. The Kheerganga trek turned out to be additionally requesting after 5 km walk. We made it a point to request the correct path at each bistro in transit so we don't lose our direction. There were fallen trees and shakes in transit and it ended up frightening as we continued further.

And after that came this notice! It horrified us! We were progressively wary.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Warning Signboard



As though that wasn't sufficient, it began raining vigorously. Tracks ended up sloppy and progressively troublesome making elusive strolling conditions. We lamented and reprimanded ourselves for bringing our little girl here ill-equipped (no overcoats or ponchos). There were no children, no families in transit; Only young men's groups (normal explorers and prepared trekkers) and sadhus (holy people). Despite everything i'm getting goosebumps while I'm expounding on it. Barely any young men in transit cautioned us not to go further as it's not protected in this sort of climate and there are just flower children at the Kheerganga. However, it was past the point where it is possible to move back as we had just trekked the greater part the separation.

We took cover in a tent in transit and held up until the downpour dialed down. A British couple held up with us in a similar tent and having a talk with them loosened up us. We began again while it was sprinkling consistently. It took us 5 hours to finish the trek, in any case, local people and bistro proprietors whom we met in transit came to Kheerganga in under 2 hours. Envision the stamina these Himalayan folks have. They trek here and there each other day with no depletion and whine.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley spans

What's more, this is the manner by which we crossed tight scaffolds made of wood logs during Kheerganga trek!

We drank water from the cascades while in transit to Kheerganga and trust me, I have never tasted the water with such a sweet and fragile flavor, loaded with oxygen, normally cold and edible. It felt magnificent. We have gone in India and abroad; experienced such a significant number of things yet without precedent for my life, I truly understood that adventure is more significant and lovely than the goal. It's completely an excellent trek where physical agony or weariness feels like a breeze. When we were at Kheerganga, we overlooked the worry of the adventure and absorbed the other-common perspectives on the fantasy like environment. Lavish green glades, mists diving down to the valley, regular boiling water spring encompassed by the snow-secured Himalayas. OK request more?

How one feels? Good fortune. Rapture. Virgin nature makes you high, no doubt, high on satisfaction and Shiva sanctuary at the top makes you high on otherworldliness. Felt near the unstoppable force of life and to God simultaneously. I was stunned as I entered the sanctuary of Lord Shiva which holds an incredible religious essentialness.


There are two unique legends that clarify the starting point of Kheerganga – One says that Lord Shiva reflected here for a large number of years and another says that Kartikeya, child of Lord Shiva and Parvati pondered here and the common spring rose when Shiva hit the ground with His Trishul on Parvati's solicitation as she was concerned that her child wouldn't get anything to eat here. This spring was kheer ( Indian sweet dish made of milk and rice) in Satyuga (Golden Age) which was later transformed into the water during Kalyuga (Iron Age) by Shiva on Parshuram's request.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple.

Whatever it is, Kheerganga is unquestionably a supernatural occurrence, water as white as milk, streaming in the entirety of its magnificence and its streams spouting into Parvati valley. Shower in the sulfur-rich high temp water spring is so unwinding and recuperating.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Hot Spring

Young men cleaning up in the regular boiling water spring.

There are two sub-areas of the pool – one for the men and the other for the ladies. It's accepted that drinking the water from the spring fixes a wide range of gastric sicknesses and scrubbing down in it washes every one of your wrongdoings. We, similar to everybody, filled our containers with the heavenly water to bring it back home.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley

Individuals unwinding in tents at Kheerganga during precipitation pour.


The first arrangement was to book a camp or room and remain medium-term at Kheerganga which changed later on considering certain variables not reasonable for children. There were no better than average and clean places to remain and eat with children and the climate was downright awful. Furthermore, recall that, we weren't readied! We needed to go out on a limb a.

It was 3:40 p.m. Figurings showed that in the event that we walk ceaselessly without taking longer breaks, we would reach Barshaini by 8 p.m. It requires some investment to trek down.


The stay alternatives aren't numerous for families going with children. There are private rooms, rose facilities, normal spaces like quarters for a gathering of voyagers and a dharmshala/ashram at modest costs yet I didn't discover them sufficient to remain with children. They are fine for explorers however. There's additionally an alternative to set up your own portable shelter by leasing a space at Kheerganga in the wake of paying an insignificant measure of expense. Mutual toilets and washrooms are accessible yet not sterile for evident reasons.


Kheerganga has bistros and little cafés with fundamental nourishment choices. The nourishment is over-valued in light of the fact that well you are sitting and eating at the stature of 2960m. You know, how does the nourishment get to the top!


As indicated by the most recent news update; the bistros, eateries and convenience offices (business exercises) including outdoors have been restricted in Kheerganga. You can even now trek up to Kheerganga in the wake of getting a license from the woodland office. The authorization will be conceded on the off chance that you satisfy certain conditions – No outdoors permitted so you have to finish the trek that day and No littering. It would be ideal if you convey your trash along. The progression is truly refreshing attributable to the harm caused to the environmentally touchy locale. It's about time that we as explorers pick mindful and economical travel rehearses.


We began trekking down with our fingers crossed. We took the Rudranag course while descending in light of the fact that it was informed that the course is shorter and less steep than the Kalga one.

Trek begins with strolling through the thick pine backwoods and afterward all of a sudden scenes change into fields and towns once you traverse the seething stream.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Rudranag


One of the intriguing, invigorating and worth-referencing highlights of Kheerganga trek is that the thundering water stream and strong cascades stream all through the trek.

We crossed a few streams by walking. The loud stable of the water uncovers the hazardously excellent side of nature. It was frightening and relieving simultaneously. We truly felt little even with nature. The trail gets smaller as one advances further. We halted at Rudranag sanctuary to offer our petitions. A cascade was descending from the peak with obvious snake-like shape and subsequently the name, Rudranag. Individuals were taking a plunge in the water close to the cascade yet it was too cold to even think about handling for us. We moved further as it was getting dim.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek in Parvati Valley Smiling Beauty

A bright and accommodating lady from Himalayan town.

Little towns in transit draw in you to stop and appreciate the excellence in effortlessness. Locals are so straightforward, accommodating and chipper. One of the women at Nakthan town welcomed and offered us to rest in her home for quite a while when she saw our drained little girl yet we obligingly turned down the offer saying we can't stand to take a break. She favored and commended our little girl.

Children returning from the school, ladies getting wood a crate on their shoulders, individuals chattering haphazardly; I wanted to consume my time on earth here! That is the way life should be! An actual existence so uncomplicated dispossessed of the brutality of the cutting edge world.


4 km left, hound tired, legs would not move, nearly vanquished, a mountain child supported our spirits. He moved effortlessly from one stone to the next, swinging on the restricted ways, singing Himachali tunes, no hint of frenzy; clearly, it was a standard thing for him. We were re-empowered by the positive assurance,"Bas thoda sa aur chalna hai! Bas 20 moment aur aap neeche pahunch jayenge." (it's only 20 additional minutes and you'll be down) and cheerful demeanor of the kid. We joyfully tailed him.

It was dim when we come to Barshiani. Our driver was hanging tight for us. Astonished at what we have achieved (in fact, we strolled in excess of 25 km in a day), we resigned and rested in the vehicle while returning to our hotel in Kasol.

What had we picked up? Well. We rediscovered ourselves. We truly felt genuine closeness with God. The trek revived our association with nature.

No one can really tell what you are equipped for until you must choose between limited options. Whenever given a choice, I wouldn't have any desire to come back to this bogus universe of self-satisfaction and sorry decisions. The trek left me with a great deal to ponder.

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