Better Ways to Make Flash Cards for young learners

The best kind of notes to hold is flashcards when you are giving a presentation. A ‘flashcard’ is a small piece of card you hold in your hand and quickly glance at it to take in information. The creation of the flashcards is an essential part of the learning process. You will require creative skills and excellent presentation skills for preparing the best flashcards. Process of making flashcards is easy and simple. Let us understand how to make flashcards in simple steps.

Methods of how to make quality flashcards:

1: Preparing to Make Flash Cards:
Make sure that you are comfortable with your working environment where you are away from distractions and have all equipment ready to make flashcards. You need to devote your entire attention to your flashcards to make a quality one. Some people enjoy watching television in the background or listening to music playing. In this case, make sure that they don’t distract you from your task. You need to concentrate and follow the steps correctly. Draw diagrams if you need to make it more attractive.

2: Collect your materials and keep them ready: 
Before starting the process, you should have your flashcards and textbook ready. Have a good pen, markers, highlighters, and whatever other writing implements you’d like to use making flashcards. You will also have different preferences; you’ll also need to decide what medium you want to use to make your flashcards. Decide to choose paper and pen or create digital flashcards Using Online Software or Apps to Make Flashcards. Recent studies have shown that most students retain information better if they have to write out the materials. The convenience of having your flashcards on your phone may outweigh other concerns.

3: Highlight the essential information.
Identify critical information in your notes and textbook. Distil them down into keywords so that you can transfer them to your notecards in a physical or a digital form. You can also highlight your notes or the textbook. You can also choose a different colour for making a difference for information. If you cannot write in your textbook, write on a separate sheet of paper or in case of digital, create a separate file in a word processor on your computer.

A person will good presentation will make sure of the following points:

·         Content in brief
·         Use keywords or topic statements
·         give prompts for what you need to say
·         are easily held in the hand
·         Large, bold writing
·         Written in bullet points
·         Uses keywords or short statements
·         Not more than six lines of writing
·         Content easy to read at a glance.
·         Make it look attractive 

Thus, making flashcards are very simple. If you are a creative person and have excellent drawing and writing skills, you can choose to make cards of your own. In the other case, you can choose to make a digital flashcard. In both ways, an excellent presentation and how you deliver the information is essential.

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