Find Peace And Happiness With Simple Pranayama Exercise

Yoga is all about the poses and shapes we create with our bodies on a mat and this is something helps us in offering amazing peace, happiness and take our health and wellness to the next level. When it comes to eliminating the challenges and demands from our life, yoga helps a lot and this is something we should look to practice all the time.

Anyone can practice yoga throughout the day and anytime as per their convenience by bringing awareness to the breath, without ever touching a yoga mat or moving up in any yoga studio. At home, this can easily be done no matter in which nook and corner of your home you are in. If you want quick health and wellness, Pranayama Exercise is the best breathing exercise will take you on new meaning. You might don’t know, but our breath can be our biggest ally on the yogic path if we use the same in a better or proper manner regularly and consistently can easily give us great peace and happiness.

Pranayama is called as a simple yoga for ease of mind and here the path toward inner stillness begins with regular asana work. These breathing exercises are enough to help in reconnecting with our body and start to quiet verbal chatter along with the same, it helps in supplying the right combination of physical engagement and internal feedback which is great to hold the attention. As we all know that taking a deep breath offers us great peace and calm us down, however, it is very important to go with the Pranayama and with slow inhale and exhale helped can easily release tension and relieve the stress. Most importantly, breath is the powerful key – best for unlocking mental clarity and stillness of the mind and pranayama is the practice of controlling our breath and lies at the heart of yoga. Here are the best 3 pranayama exercises for our mental peace and relax even during the most stressful situations as follows-

Three-part breath

This is the best breathing exercise for Self-Healing; in which one will need to lie on the back and allow the rhythmic pattern of the breathing vibrate across the body. The inhaling and exhaling session must be done through the nose slowly and deeply. While breathing it is important to ignore the irrelevant thoughts come to your mind and just improve your concentration. Additionally, when you are ready with the tree part breath, you must breathe in deeply through your nose and your belly should be full of air. Inhale and feel your stomach expand and then release gently will let go of all the air that once filled your belly. Repeat this breath for five rounds.

Equal Breathing

This kind of breathing exercise is very relaxing, but one needs to make sure their inhale and exhale procedures are both at equal lengths. Sit in a comfortable position and count to 4 as you inhale. Once you exhale also count to four to ensure both inhalation and exhalation are equal. Continue with the same for 4-5 times and get complete peace.

Bumblebee breath

This is also called Pranayama-bumble bee breath or the final breathing exercise is the best relieving anxiety and stress. To perform this asana, you need to close your throat slightly and relax your jaw and shoulders. Next, gently close your lips and your teeth slightly apart when you cover your ears with your thumbs and your eyes with your fingers. Stay in the same pose and inhale and then breathe out slowly along with making a long, humming sound. Keep exhaling as long as you can and then repeat the same steps.

You must know that with the help of Pranayama one can help acquire a deeper level of silence as well as it helps in offering great body awareness to breathe awareness and finally provides great peace.
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