What kind of Custom Cosmetic Packaging you need for Sunscreens?

There are a number of different kinds of sunscreens available for varying needs of customers. If you have an exclusive range of sunscreens, packaging them in signature boxes is likely to help you get your product range noticed. Shoppers have unlimited choices online and in-store as well, if you want them to like and prefer your cosmetics, the packaging should be compelling enough to grab their attention. Sunscreens have different SPFs and features that need to be highlighted on the product boxes. You need to make sure that the sunscreens you are showcasing don’t get runny due to extreme heat on the counter shelves. So quality material for packaging is a must have for the sun protecting lotions. For marketing various kinds of sunscreens, you need to have varying promo messages on each packaging box. Here are some tips that you need to consider when customizing your cosmetic boxes for suntan lotions!

An Invigorating Cosmetic Packaging Box Design        

If you want your sunblock lotion range to get instant attention, focus on the design details of packaging. The artwork for various sunscreens for sensitive, oily, dry and combination skins should be relevant and interesting. You can use refreshing color scheme backdrops against the images to make your packaging worth liking. If you have a reliable packaging service provider, share your design themes and get the one that best suits your product range customized. Make sure that the graphics, font style, and other design essentials complement your branding color theme. Take design inspiration from popular cosmetic brands but stay original with the packaging layout idea.

Enlightening Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging            

Packaging for sunscreens needs to have details like product formulation, instructions on how to use the lotion, especially in direct sun exposure. Make sure that the tanning lotions have quantity and instructions listed explicitly, even slight wrong details can be problematic for the users. Manufacturing and expiry dates of sunblock lotions should be clearly visible on the packaging. There are many sunscreens with chemicals that might not suit a person’s sensitive skin, especially with sweat there is a possibility of allergic reaction, have the list of all chemicals listed on the boxes clearly. Don’t miss out on the necessary product information, your packaging needs to have all that a shopper requires before buying a sun-protecting lotion.

Easy to Carry Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes            

Sunscreens are the kind of item that a user would like to carry in a handbag, car’s dashboard orsports kit. The packaging for sunblock lotions needs to be user-friendly, it should be easy to handle and carry. There are a number of box style options available for lotions; you need to have a detailed analysis before choosing an option.

Tuck end is a packaging box style that is easy to open and store. It keeps the packaged item safe from spilling as well. But you can ask the printer to give you other options as well for the sunscreen’s cosmetic boxes.

Giving value to customer convenience through packaging is likely to make your product range worth buying for a wider target audience. Do have your contact details mentioned on the boxes so shoppers can contact you for a query and share feedback and suggestions as they like.

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