Buy Neck Heating Pad Wraps Built for Modern Living

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans facing issues with a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or an aching back, then you’ve probably learned a thing or two about heating pads by now. Applied pressure and heat can work wonders for stiff muscles and soothe away your aches and pains, becoming a real lifesaver for anyone with chronic or returning neck and shoulder pain. If you’ve been managing your pain for a while, you’ve probably also realized by now that not all heating pads are created equal. Many outdated heating pad designs feature tangling wires that limit your mobility and keep you tethered to an outlet, which can really slow you down when you live a busy modern life. That simply won’t do. Thankfully you can Buy Neck Heating Pad wraps from Huggaroo, a well-loved and highly reviewed health and wellness company that’s dedicated to innovation and customer comfort. They continuously update their designs to create better, more effective heating pads that provide their customers with the freedom they deserve.

Today you can order your very own NEW Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Heating Pad / Cold Compress, with or without aromatic herbs inside, to settle around your shoulders and go about your day hands-free. The neck and shoulder heating pads available at are heated within minutes inside your microwave and hold their heat for ages, freeing you from the tether of electrical cords and wires. With a patented Velcro fastening and anti-gravity design, Huggaroo’s latest neck heating pad design holds itself in place and remains perfectly balanced across your shoulders even as you move around. You can enjoy the deep pressure therapy and soothing press of moist heat into your stiffest muscles while going about your day, whether you’re driving, cooking, cleaning, or working at your desk!

The secret to this amazingly effective design lies in the sewn-in horizontal channels of weight and herbs that line the wrap. Underneath the extra-plush polyester outer cover of every NEW Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Heating Pad / Cold Compress (with Aromatherapy) lie several thick channels filled with heat-retaining clay beads and all-natural dried herbs like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and lemongrass. (You’ll note that the NEW Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Heating Pad / Cold Compress (Unscented) version features only these weighted clay beads, but is still just as effective at delivering deep pressure therapy and soothing relief to your worst aches.) These sewn-in channels hold the weighted beads in place, ensuring the heat is evenly distributed across your stiff shoulders, neck, and upper back. Those sewn-in channels also help to counterbalance the weight of the clay beads, so that your heating pad wrap will never shift out of place, even as you move your arms to carry out daily activities like driving.

When you buy neck heating pad wraps from Huggaroo, you can trust you’re getting the highest quality product possible. The Huggaroo team is comprised of self-proclaimed perfectionists – people who are obsessed with making the best product they possibly can. They refuse to cut corners or use inferior materials in their heating pads and are always on the lookout for a better design. The newest Huggaroo neck and shoulder wraps are fully improved designs based on the original Huggaroo wrap, improved to better stay in place and provide their customers with more daily freedom. No one wants to be held back by a stiff neck or sore upper back, and now thanks to the NEW Huggaroo Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Heating Pad / Cold Compress (with Aromatherapy), you never have to. For more information about Weighted Lap Pad ForKids

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